Vision & Mission

Corporate Vision

To be the leader of testing, surveying and consulting services on civil and environmental engineering in manner of integrally completed circuit.

Corporate Mission
  1. Creating satisfaction to customers by rendering services of international standardized quality with reasonably fair price, conducted by teams of experts who adhere strictly to professional ethics.
  2. Developing technology on survey and testing inclusive of equipment, accessories, hardware and software to cope with all changes in engineering areas at international level.
  3. Allowing chance and support on development of working capability of personnel so as to become professional practice in their responsible works.
  4. Conducting business so as to make profit and achieve sustainable growth in order to obtain satisfactory dividend to all personnel and share holders.
Corporate Value
  1. Service Mind, work happily
  2. Knowledgeable truly and working in Professional Manner
  3. Teamwork coupled with immediate cooperation
  4. Working in Proactive Manner
  5. Fully Responsibility and Accountability
  6. Adhering to Ethics and Integrity
  7. For Hospitality
  8. Discipline
  9. Lifelong Learning
  10. Principle Based